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Kaaye technologies Pvt Ltd is group of companies handling various projects and product in field of entertainment , IT, medical and education.

Vision, Mission, values:--
  • The journey of Ticket Bazar started at of 21th century with a Software consulting and product base company .
  • "Ticket Bazar" is a premier provider of value added Technology and business solution,
  • Also passionately deliver strong business result and established long tems partnership with over clients.
  • "Ticket Bazar" value system is aligned with it's vision and mission who achieved its promises ......
  • Ticket Bazar is a global "IT" company give platform to youngsters
  • Detail

The Team

We are team of 100+ peoples working in market ,technologies , support and many other heads across many offices of kaaye technologies.


Deepak Shrivastava

Director - Marketing & Business expansion


Aman Verma

Director - Finance & Planning


Abhinav shrivastava

Director - Technical Director

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For any queries and issues please mail us at support@kayetechnologies.com

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E-901, Proviso Sec-35E, Kharghar
Navi Mumbai Maharashtra - 410 210

Abhinav shrivastava ( Technical Director ):
+91 8779769732

Deepak shrivastava (Marketing & Business expansion):+91 983312579

Aman verma (Finance & Planning) :

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